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We do this work because we love to do it. We believe that everyone should be able to help and don’t like to put people in religious borders that prevent aid from being carried out to foreign nations that need our help. That being said, you don’t have to be a Christian to bring fresh water to other countries.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can do you part!

Using Social Media

The world we live in now is full of twitter tweets and facebook posts. Youtube videos where people play video games get millions of views but when you make a video about the water crisis in Ethipoia… You might get a few views. Most people are not interested in helping but there are still many that are and social media is one of the best platforms to meet those people.

If you want to raise money you can do you fundraising online as I do. Come up with a goal and celebrate when you get to your goal. Educate your friends and family about the crisis in other parts of the world and the water they so easily get out of there faucet it not so easy to get in other countries.

There are many creative and clever ways to use social media to raise funds to start a project for aid to other countries.

Jobs and Internships

There are many organizations that offer opportunities to join and give foreign aid. Google is your friend! I won’t say which one is better or worse because I have not worked with many different organizations. I suppose just do a little research and you should find a good group to work with.

Many of the places that help are not officially recognized by anyone but like me, they want to do there part. My goal here is only to raise awareness and I am not asking for donations or anything like that. Personally, I enjoy the look on the children’s faces when I bring them clean water. I can’t ask anyone else to come with me but I do want to encourage others to give it a try just to see how rewarding it can be.

Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes I see people come up with the best ideas for fundraising. Run or walk for a campaign, mow peoples lawns and tell them about your charity, climb a mountain for the starving kids in Africa, run a marathon… The possibilities are endless. You can even give gift ideas or just tell people to donate for clean water in 3rd world countries.

You will be surprised what you can get done if you just try. Most people don’t even understand just how rough some of the other countries have things and when you tell them the facts that I present on my website, they won’t believe it. But anyone can look at the videos and photos and see for themselves.

Will people think you are nuts for doing this? Maybe, but I don’t care to much. I am here to help people and that’s all I care about. You can find many other great ideas online and I would recommend all of you try to get involved like we have!

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