India FacesThe Worst Water Crisis in Generations

2017 is not going so well for the resident of India. Worldwide drought has hit India harder than most countries. For over a century the municipal water has been mishandled and mistreated. Taken for granted as something that would always be there forever. However, now the find people of India realize that they should have paid a little bit more attention to the incompetence set forth by local municipal water companies.

The population boom in India over the past 100 years has led to this worsening water crisis. By the year 2050, the population is expected to read 1.7 billion. The middle class is all but gone and the rich are using more water than all the poor.

To make things worse there has not been any serious attempt at fixing this issue at the state level. There are no plans to implement water relief to villagers that can’t water their crops or feed their livestock. This is mainly due to politics and internal strife in the government to implement a hard choice for the people of India.

The graph shows just how much the population of India has risen over the past decade and the amount of water that each person consumes. There is no doubt that within a few years the population will be much lower if they don’t get their water.

Here is what you may commonly see in many of the shops and local venues in the cities. The water drips out of the faucet very slowly and many people have to wait in line for hours to fill up just one bucket of water.

Many of the times the water may be contaminated or full of pollutants, who knows what you’re drinking? Not to mention that the pipes are old and rusty which will also make you ill. If you think that’s bad, you should see what the people that live outside of the city have to do to get there daily dose of water.

Most villagers that live in rural areas can hardly call themselves farmers anymore. Without water you can’t grow crops and many of the families that have farmed the lush fertile lands of India for centuries have turned to other jobs.

Here we can see a young women riding a bike while she brings several water jugs back to her home. If you think that looks easy… Most people are not lucky enough to afford a bike and will have to walk on foot to get their water from the nearest creek or river.

“Surface water conditions are bad. However, the groundwater situation is even worse”

The extraction of the groundwater is something that will change India forever. In most parts of the country they don’t do any groundwater extraction because of the price. Not to mention that levels of groundwater are declining yearly. In some parts of India there is in fact no groundwater at all.

Villagers from various Indian states shout slogans during a protest demonstration to highlight the water shortage across the country in New Delhi, India, Thursday, May 5, 2016. Much of India is reeling under heat wave and severe drought conditions that have decimated crops, killed livestock and left at least 330 million Indians without enough water for their daily needs. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)

When you can’t find any water and your friends, family and children begin dying then it’s time to stand up (or in this case sit down) and protest. The people of India can not continue to live in worsening conditions and hope things will get better.

The only way things are going to get better is if you fight for your rights and make your voice heard.

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