Will Ethiopia Overcome the Worst Drought in 50 Years?

Nearly one tenth of all people who suffer from the lack of clean water live in Ethiopia. That’s right, more than 80 million locals are finding it nearly impossible to find clean water to cook, clean or more importantly drink.

The average yearly salary for resident of Ethiopia is less than $100. Making it nearly impossible to afford drinking water, if they must purchase it. Water should be free however, shouldn’t it? Raising awareness to this disturbing fact is our goal. The global water crisis has never been worse and Ethiopia is taking the beating like no other country.

“The news coming out of the East African nation is of the worst drought in 50 years.”

Ethiopia is probably the poorest country in the world. Now, they are being hit with terrible droughts and famines which is not improving the economy. almost 90% of the population lives in rural areas, outside of large cities. They depend on farming for their food and if there is no water, they cannot farm. About 15% of the population currently has access to easy to find drinking water. The sanitation of the water has made most areas undrinkable.

Thousands of people are falling ill every year due to the lack of water. Drinking contaminated water will kill you pretty quickly and the little food that they have does not help them. Livestock has begun to die as well from drinking the contaminated water and more and more people are turning to suicide, so that they don’t suffer the horrible fate as those before them.

Areas Hit the Hardest

The Southern Nations of Ethiopia, which has a population of about 40 million has been hit the worst by this water crisis. They cover roughly half of the country and have almost no drinking water. Raising livestock and farming has been going on in this region for many decades and now it has all but come to a halt.

The majority of people in these rural areas rely on unclean river or stream water to drink. They do not use water filters and thus can become extremely ill and often times die. The average amount of time they need to spend each day just to find and get a jar of clean drinking water is about 60 minutes per day. And that is only for one person. What about pets, animals, or watering your garden?

However, not all children are experiencing these worsening conditions. Many have made the decision to move and have found living in other places to be much better. The tradition for most kids here is to go with the grandparents to the stream, collect as much water as they can and then come home and boil it. This takes up much of the day, preventing most kids from going to school.

Another thing most people don’t think about in this worsening water crisis, is politics. Why has the government allowed this to happened and what are they doing to help?

“Disney knows children, so it’s no wonder that they feel at home on Castaway Cay”

This 2017 El Nino drought combined with little to no relied from foreign countries will put the hammer on Ethiopia. The international community should not be allowed to let this happen. Short term solutions are getting more funding and in December of 2016 the U.S. declared they would invest $88 million in aid to the water crisis in Ethiopia. However, the United Nations is leading the way, already spending more than $1.4 Billion in helping farmers dig holes to find clean water, as well as bring bottled water to them.

Ethopia is a land filled with wonderful people and amazing culture. At the moment however, it has been affected by so much drought and water shortage that the country may never recover. Many people are leaving and hoping to find clean drinking water in other countries where they can begin a new life. Having to worry about getting your water every day is not fun and most people can’t imagine what they are going thought in Ethopia.

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