Bringing New Garden Hoses to Honduras Farmers

Just got back from a two week trip to Hondrus where I got to see the water crisis first hand. Most people have no idea that Hondrus is the second poorest country in Central America according to, and probably the world. Things were not looking good for the people I was helping out. Many of the farmers are out of business because they can’t get enough water to their farms.

For my trip to Hondrus I brought a suitcase of different expandable hoses that I gave to the farmers. The expandable hoses are great because they weigh about two pounds and don’t take up much suitcase room. The guys at customs were looking at me funny but I told them I wanted to bring the farmers some high quality garden hoses.

expandable hose Last time I was in Hondrus they were using 20 year old tubes for their main water hose. This is probably why a lot of people get sick… I searched for discounted hoses online decided to just by some new ones on Amazon instead. I wanted to find the best quality for the health of the farmers and their crops and gardenhoseadviser has a ton of great info on what the hoses are made of. In particular the expandable hose was my favorite because they are so lightweight.

When I got to Hondrus I stayed in a small farming community, outside of Choloma. The people were great and the weather was perfect. When I brought them their garden hoses they couldn’t believe it. They were all like kids on Christmas. I even brought the old man that I lived with last year a new metal garden hose that I saw on TV and he couldn’t believe it. He connected it right away and started using it. I’ve never seen someone so happy to get a hose.

While in Choloma I taught some of the locals some English and we spent a lot of time fixing the faucets for the hoses to work. Most of the plumbing in Central America is terrible and the water pressure makes it tough for a hose. The bad thing about these expandable hoses is that they require water pressure to fully expand. I wish I would have known that before I bought 50 of them. So, we tried to increase the water flow in the fields, to at least expand the hoses from 20 feet to 60 feet.

We finally got the hose thing sorted out by adjusting the pressure in the nozzle. I’m not sure if that was the best idea but I tried. If I were to bring these guys rubber garden hoses I could have only brought a few because they weigh so much. The metal hose worked the best but those are too expensive to bring too many of them down.

We spent a lot of time picking coffee beans, which is how the farmers make their money around the area I lived. Coffee is great and easy to grow because it doesn’t require much water. It’s a shame that many of the farmers have stopped farming due to their lack of water. If they had more water and more garden hoses they could continue farming. How much does a good garden hose cost, around $20? If each house had one of these then they could improve their health.

Overall, the drip was great and bit depressing at the same time. It was fun to bring them all the hoses that I promised them and next time I told them I would bring some water filters. The weather was great and the people are happy, despite not having much clean water. It’s kind of a pain in the you know what when you can’t get you water, but what are you doing to about it?

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