My name is Randy Douglas and I have lived and worked with the residents of Ethiopia, India, Niger and Mozambique for several years. I helped them to develop local water sanitation codes and shared some of the secrets I have learned over the years in finding clean water and avoiding polluted water.

Several hygiene programs were started to stop the spread of disease from bad local water. After building relationships with the locals of these great countries, it has become my goal to help them further by raising awareness to the worsening water crisis.

I would like to see access to clean drinking water everywhere in the world but i’m sure that’s asking too much. My passion is really just in helping build relationships with others that are interested in helping find good clean water for those that need it.

The current political and economic situations in many areas of the world have never been more volatile. Now, with what appears to be worsening climate change it’s more important than ever to help out to those countries that need it. And what could be more important than giving the gift of water?

I do hope that my blog will inspire people to take action! Do some more research and help out those in need.

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